Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arwah Taju ....

He was one of the earlier pioneers who left Kg Lipat Kajang to seek his fortune elsewhere. He was the late Abdullah bin Hj Ahmad, more popularly known as Taju, a short form of Tajuddin.  Abdullah was his given name, a registered name and Tajuddin was the second name but not registered. Many in the kampong then have two names, one registered and another not registered. Why this happened .. have to look up into my blog .. 
and how did they do it? ...... well http://lipatkajang-pahang.blogspot.com/2009/01/different-name.html .......

Now back to the late Taju, he was the young, wild and restless in his days, late 40s and early 50s, he did not really want to go to school, and I think he was supposed to go somewhere to learn deep into the Islamic religion, he had a very religious family. Instead  he absconded to Singapore to join the Navy (Boys Wing). But he did not stay long in Singapore, he came back to Malaya but not to the kampong, instead he went to Kuala Lumpur, to the ‘bright light’,  and stayed for while with a family who originated from the kampong. And soon he got himself to be the cook at a hostel, and doing other odd jobs for the school. And he got married to his sweet heart in the kampong. I need not tell who his sweet heart was, everyone knows. As luck would have it, his wife became a cook (a good one at that) at the school hostel where he worked.  That was at Jalan Sulaiman Kuala Lumpur.

The late Taju and his wife were very kind hearted couple, and soon more youths from the kampong joined him in Kuala Lumpur, looking for jobs or even starting a career.  Mentioning a few, there was his nephew Marzuki and his friend Kamaruddin. And his house became the transit points for most of these youths, and many of us not familiar with the Kuala Lumpur streets and way of life came to stay with him for a night or two on transit. And he treated his ‘guest’ like kings, .... food and lodgings provided and bringing them anywhere in Kuala Lumpur where one wished to go. Bear in mind by then he already had small children. Ask many of the older generation, they will tell you about the late Taju in Kuala Lumpur. No one will say any unkind word on him.

Soon he ( and his wife ) moved on in their career, he became the Gardener and the Jaga at Setapak High School, Kula Lumpur and his wife became the Chief Cook, a position they held until they retired about 2 decades ago. And they even managed to buy some properties in Kuala Lumpur. To me the late Taju and his wife have very high achievement in their lives, if one considers that he was ‘uneducated’ and at the same time having friends and relatives who held high positions in the Goverment and the private sectors,  and most are from Kg Lipat Kajang.

He and his wife retired in Kuala Lumpur, the children having got married and have families of their own.  None returns to Kg Lipat Kajang. And the late Taju died in Kuala Lumpur and survives by his wife and his 2 children, and their families.

This essay is a record of our thanks to the late Taju, (and Saoma) and a recognition of our pride on him (and his wife), a thank you note and of whom we are all very proud of, and who himself had always been proud of Kg Lipat Kajang.

(Arwah Taju, seorang anak jati Kg. Lipat Kajang yang banyak antara kita warga Kg Lipat Kajang tidak tahu dan tidak ingat.  Tulisan dalam blog ini adalah untuk mengingati jasa jasa beliau kepada anak-anak Kg. Lipat Kajang yang mula mula berhijrah keluar dari Kg. Lipat Kajang, terutama sekali yang sentiasa berulang alek ke Kuala Lumpur)

Anak2 Kg Lipat Kajang yang ingin memberi maklumat yang lebih terperinci dan tepat sila buat komen.

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  1. Untuk makluman - saya pun selalu pergi ke kediaman Arwah di kuarters pekerja Sekolah Air Panas,Setapak semasa saya di Jalan Gurney tahun 1970. Waktu kedua2 anak mereka kecil lagi, saya tidak dapat mengingati/mengenali mereka lagi sekarang. Arwah berdua memang peramah,kemesraan yang diberikan seolah2 macam kami adik beradik.Sayangnya terputus perhubungan sejak 1971.