Monday, August 1, 2011


 kadang kala terdapat anak tempatan yang menyerlah talent nya, mungkin bukan dari segi akademik atau bidang2 lain, tapi Musani (Mustapha) ada talent dalam menjadi DJ yang boleh di ketengahkan. Jarang2 anak2 tempatan yang boleh menyerlah sebegini.

(Our kampong local DJ talent).

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arwah Taju ....

He was one of the earlier pioneers who left Kg Lipat Kajang to seek his fortune elsewhere. He was the late Abdullah bin Hj Ahmad, more popularly known as Taju, a short form of Tajuddin.  Abdullah was his given name, a registered name and Tajuddin was the second name but not registered. Many in the kampong then have two names, one registered and another not registered. Why this happened .. have to look up into my blog .. 
and how did they do it? ...... well .......

Now back to the late Taju, he was the young, wild and restless in his days, late 40s and early 50s, he did not really want to go to school, and I think he was supposed to go somewhere to learn deep into the Islamic religion, he had a very religious family. Instead  he absconded to Singapore to join the Navy (Boys Wing). But he did not stay long in Singapore, he came back to Malaya but not to the kampong, instead he went to Kuala Lumpur, to the ‘bright light’,  and stayed for while with a family who originated from the kampong. And soon he got himself to be the cook at a hostel, and doing other odd jobs for the school. And he got married to his sweet heart in the kampong. I need not tell who his sweet heart was, everyone knows. As luck would have it, his wife became a cook (a good one at that) at the school hostel where he worked.  That was at Jalan Sulaiman Kuala Lumpur.

The late Taju and his wife were very kind hearted couple, and soon more youths from the kampong joined him in Kuala Lumpur, looking for jobs or even starting a career.  Mentioning a few, there was his nephew Marzuki and his friend Kamaruddin. And his house became the transit points for most of these youths, and many of us not familiar with the Kuala Lumpur streets and way of life came to stay with him for a night or two on transit. And he treated his ‘guest’ like kings, .... food and lodgings provided and bringing them anywhere in Kuala Lumpur where one wished to go. Bear in mind by then he already had small children. Ask many of the older generation, they will tell you about the late Taju in Kuala Lumpur. No one will say any unkind word on him.

Soon he ( and his wife ) moved on in their career, he became the Gardener and the Jaga at Setapak High School, Kula Lumpur and his wife became the Chief Cook, a position they held until they retired about 2 decades ago. And they even managed to buy some properties in Kuala Lumpur. To me the late Taju and his wife have very high achievement in their lives, if one considers that he was ‘uneducated’ and at the same time having friends and relatives who held high positions in the Goverment and the private sectors,  and most are from Kg Lipat Kajang.

He and his wife retired in Kuala Lumpur, the children having got married and have families of their own.  None returns to Kg Lipat Kajang. And the late Taju died in Kuala Lumpur and survives by his wife and his 2 children, and their families.

This essay is a record of our thanks to the late Taju, (and Saoma) and a recognition of our pride on him (and his wife), a thank you note and of whom we are all very proud of, and who himself had always been proud of Kg Lipat Kajang.

(Arwah Taju, seorang anak jati Kg. Lipat Kajang yang banyak antara kita warga Kg Lipat Kajang tidak tahu dan tidak ingat.  Tulisan dalam blog ini adalah untuk mengingati jasa jasa beliau kepada anak-anak Kg. Lipat Kajang yang mula mula berhijrah keluar dari Kg. Lipat Kajang, terutama sekali yang sentiasa berulang alek ke Kuala Lumpur)

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kadang kala kita tidak tahu apa itu yang berharga, saperti gambar ini umpama nye ....

(Something of value, an old photograph which must have been about 50 years old ..... and in a kampong, 50 years is a long time)

Gambor guru dan kakitangan SKLK. Ikhsan dari cikgu Yusof. Dari kiri: Ismail (pok der @ ayoh koi, ustad Maalim, tak ingat, tak ingat, cikgu Sham (guru besar), cikgu Yusof, cikgu Razak (ayah ngah), cikgu Nipah.

Ribuan terima kaseh kepada Sdr Borhan Ismail kerana telah menyebarkan gambar ini ,,, ...

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Alumni ...

26th Feb. 2011 was a historic day for Sekolah Kebangsaan (National School) Lipat Kajang, the primary school which once upon a time was known as Sekolah Melayu (Malay School) Lipat Kajang.  Whatever its called or was called, it serves the same purpose, to give the young children of 6 years old to 12 years old some education, an introduction to formal education Malaysian style.

I went to that school when it was opened in late 1940s and I left it in 1952 to go to a secondary school out of town. And I came back, with many of my colleague of almost the same time for that alumni gathering on 26 Feb. 2011. For all of us I believe it was a historical day, a day when we remembered the old days when we first gathered in that school just to get educated. And we left to roam the world ‘educated’ and ‘street wise’.

What we did at the gathering on the 26th Feb. 2011 was immaterial but the fact that there were more than a hundred attended was considered a success, males and females, from all over the country.  It was one of the most difficult task for the organisers to gather such a vast and diverse crowd whose common interest was SKLK (or SMLK in the old days). To the organisers we convey our appreciation, not only to get a suitable date, a suitable venue and to ensure that there was enough food and drinks to go around.  And the most difficult part was to keep the crowd interested. And this the organisers did very well.

And to those alumni who did not turn up, you have missed something that happens only on rare occasions.

Thank you again to all, former pupils, former teachers, present pupils, present teachers, and the kampong folks who gave their time and energy to ensue the success of the event. And not forgetting those who donated money and material.

And to those alumni who has already left us, we give our doa to them, and may Allah SWT keep them among those who are blessed.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

When a by-election came to Lipat Kajang.

Every body was sad when their State Council representative passed away,  but that sadness did not last very long, as they say the soil at the graveyard has not yet turned dried when the Government announced that a by-election was to take place to replace that representative. And a by-election always means 'wealth' and 'development' to the kampong. Sickening really but that is the reality of life, an opportunity to make the society wealthy shall not be bypassed.

So the political parties chose their candidates and the campaigning began. And that party where and who has unlimited wealth started to promise the earth to win the election. The earth they did promised and every VVIP came flying into the village bringing along with them the 'earth'. Another sickening happenings. And the people had high expectations, hungry for 'wealth' and hungry for 'development. Like wolves they came in pack to and for  the VVIP. Its a festive time while it lasted, sickening and almost not even remembering the one who had just passed away.

In a by-election there is always two sides contesting, but the other candidate being poorer and not having the support of the Government of the day just only needed to look on forlorn, trying his best not to 'bribe' his voters. And dirty tactics are employed where each can, morality and dignity and ethic mostly thrown to the dogs.

The write up was done a few days prior to the voting day.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

In memory of Hj Mohammad Lazim Hj Salleh (Hj Mohammad Lazim Hj Salleh dalam kenangan).

Have always remembered his mother calling him Mamat, and his Siblings calling him Mat, and us calling him Abang ….. that was the name that we could master when he was alive. He was an Abang ….. a Big Brother.

One of the first from the kampong to go to an English School in Mentakab, a town about 15 km away,  and at that time our kampong still had no school, he was the product of the primary school of the next village, where he had his earlier primary education. A person with fair complexion, and when he went to the English school, he could talk with a twang which suspiciously sounded like the orang puteh (the white man).

Finishing his education he landed into many jobs, and the last one which I remembered was in the Signal Regiment based in the Ministry of Defence Malaysia (?), in Kuala Lumpur. This I remember well, he picked me up when I was very ill at a friends house in Kampong Baru, KL, and made me stay at his house, looking after me like a brother until I got well. He was then staying at a very small house in Kg. Datuk Keramat, KL. I was then about to go for my further studies. He, and his family, accompanied me to the airport and sent me off, along with my uncles, my younger brother and other friends from my kampong.

A person with high integrity, married off to a relative into a kampong downriver (from my kampong) where his mother originated from; it was an arranged marriage. And with his wife he raised a big family, gave them proper education for them to lead reasonably good life.

He passed away a few weeks ago.

Will be greatly missed, and for me he was a mentor.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mesjid Lipat Kajang

(gambar mesjid di petik dari ..... maaf Pak Mus.... dan terima kaseh ...

Mesjid Lipat Kajang telah lama wujud dan pada ingatan saya mesjid yang ada sekarang ini adalah mesjid yang ketiga. Mesjid asal telah lama di runtuhkan dan mesjid yang kedua maseh lagi ada tapi di gunakan sebagai tempat simpan barangan (ada kah ini betul?).

Sebelun mesjjid yuand lama itu wujud saya di beritahu ada lagi mesjid2 di kampong lipoat kajanag tapi tiada siapa yang maseh hidup di lipat kajang yang beleh member maklumay lanju,.

Saya tidak ketahui dengan sebenarnya adakah mesjid yang ada sekarang ini duduknya di tanah wakaf atau tidak, tidak siapa pun yang boleh memberi kepastian (ada ke sesiapa?). Tapi memurut maklumat yang di perolehi mesjid itu tidak di dalam tanah wakaf (?). Ini menjadikan keadaan yang tidka begitu stabil tentang status tapak mesjid itu.

Perlu di fikirkan untuk mendirikan mesjid baru di Lipat Kajang. Dan mesjjid baru ini perlu juga di didirikan di atas tanah (tapak) wakaf. Dan mengikut maklumat yang tidak resmi sesuatau mesjid di anggarkan akan menelan belanja minima sebanayak RM 1 juta.

Pada pendapat saya, yang asal dari Lipat Kajang tapi dah lama meninggal kan Lipat Kajang, Jawatankuasa Mesjid Lipat Kajang perelu mengambil initiatif untuk mendirikan mesjid baru yang lebih selesa dan yang lebih terang status nya.

(the existsing mesjid at Kampong Lipat Kajang is not situated on a wakaf land, as far as I know, and its time as well that a new mesjid is built in a more appropriate location and on a real wakaf land)

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Kubur Lipat Kajang

(Gambar ini dari kubur Lipat Kajang, tapi di gunakan hanya sebagai hiasan saja)
Saya telah banyak menulis tentang kubur Lipat Kajang supaya kita tidak lupa akan status yang sebenarnya.
Mengikut maklumat dan pengetahuan saya kubur di Lipat Kajang yang saya ketahui dan juga telah di beri tahu kepada saya adalah di tempat2 yang berikut,
1.    Tanjung Nyior yang ada sekarang
2.    Dekat Empang Simen
3.    Di Tanjung Keling
4.    Dekat mesjid yang ada sekarang, antara rumah arwah Cik Gu Esa dan rumah arwah Abang Mat Darat, di Kampong Mesjid
5.    Dan dua biji kubur dekak ‘durian kibur’ di Tanjong Sungei.
Walau bagaimana pun tidak di ketahui asal usul kubur2 dekat Empang Simen, dekat Tanjung Keling, dan dekat mesjid sekarang di Kg. Mesjid. Eloklak kira nya semua kubur2 ini di siasat dan di rekodkan. Dan bagi tujuan menjaga kubur2 lama ini elok semua tanah2 perkuburan ini di pagar dengan baik supaya boleh di jaga dengan elok dan teratur.
Tentang 2 biji kubur dekat ‘durian kubur’ di Tanjung Sungei tu, saya di beritahu kubur2 itu adalah kubur2 hulubalang Pahang yang gugur masa Perang Saudara Pahang, dan mereka meninggal masa menghhilir Sungei Pahang dan mererka di semadikan di situ oleh hulubalang2 lain. Elek juga kubur2 itu, di jaga dan di pagar.
Kalau kita generasi sekarang tidak menjaga kubur2 yang sungguh besejarah bagi Kampong Lipat Kajang anak2 cucu2 kita nanti mungkin jugak akan mengabaikan kubur2 kita dan kita akan di telan zamanatanpa di ketahui siapakah warga Lipat Kajang, saperti juga kita tidak tahu asal usul orang2 kita di Kg. Lipat Kajang sekarang.

(its time that Kampong Lipat Kajang records all its cemetaries, and maintain them as the kampong heritage) 

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Penghulu (Headman) Kampong Lipat Kajang.

Mohd Suhaimi Abdul Ghafar Senarai Penghulu2 yang pernah berkhidmat di lipat kajang:
(tahun, nama, gelaran mungkin ada sedikit kesalahan, kalau ada info harap dpt betulkan)
- mengikut susunan masa...

1) En. Shamsuddin bin Mohd Said, PKC - 1996 - 2010
...2) Pemangku - '1994 - '1995
En. Osman bin Mohd Yassin (Penghulu K.Krau)
En. Hamdan bin Mohd Yusuf (Penghulu Sanggang)
En. Abdullah bin Sida (Penghulu Kerdau)
3) En. Abdul Ghafar bin Mohd Yunus, PJK - 1970 - 1993
4) Pemangku - '1968-1969
En. Osman bin Mohd Yassin (Penghulu K.Krau)
En. Hamdan bin Mohd Yusuf (Penghulu Sanggang)
En. Abdullah bin Sida (Penghulu Kerdau)
5) En. Ismail bin Mohd Yassin - 1962 - 1968
6) En. Abdullah bin Hj. Manap - 1958 - 1962
7) En. Mohd Sidek bin Osman AMN, JP - 1945 - 1957
8) En. Mohd Yunus bin Osman
9) En. Osman bin Tok Dollah
10) En. Tok Dollah bin Abbas
11) En. Abbas bin Wak Keroje

Maklumat diatas sangatlah berguna kepada yang ingin mengetahui sejarah Kampong Lipat Kajang. Mungkin rekodnya tersimpan di Balai Penghulu Kampong Lipat Kajang, tetapi setakat hari ini tidak banyak yang mengetahui.

(The Official Headman of Kampong Lipat Kajang, very useful when wanting to know the history of Kampong Lipat Kajang. The record may be available in the office of the present Headman, but very few folks know such historical fact)

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tik …kawan ku …..dalam Kenangan (in memory of my friend Tik)

(Arwah) Tik. bukan nama sebenarnya, tapi kawan2 lama semua panggil arwah sebagai Tik. Di Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang pun (dulu dulu beliau mula mula bersekolah bersama kami pada masa sekolah itu mula di buka, sungguh pun arwah adalah pada masa itu lebih tua dari kami) kalau tanya (arwah) Tik semua kawan kawan tahu, malah mana mana kawan kawan lama yang maseh hidup mengenali (arwah) Tik. Entah macam mana, selepas itu arwah bersekolah di Sekolah Melayu Kerdau …. seingat saya Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang tidak ada Darjah 6. Maka berakhirlah sejarah (arwah) Tik di Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang, sungguh pun arwah di peranak kan dan di besar kan di Nuar, dalam Kampong Lipat Kajang, satu kampong kecil seberang Sungei Pahang dari (Balai Penghulu) Lipat Kajang.

Selepas itu masing masing membawa diri untuk mencari nafkah yang halal di dalam dunia yang fana ini, dan di dengari bahawa (arwah) Tik telah menjadi Office Boy di Pejabat Daerah Temerloh. Tidak pasti tentang maklumat itu. Masa berlalu, dan arwah menjadi Penolong Penghulu Kerdau dan telah berpindah, membuat rumah di Kuala Kerdau, di tepi tebing Sungei Pahang) dimana arwah memulakan famili nya. Banjir besar pada tahun 1970 menyebakkan arwah berpindah ke kampong penempatan semula mangsa banjir ke Kampong Desa Murni Kerdau, dan kerjaya arwah telah bermula cerah apabila arwah di lantik sebagai Penghulu Kampong Kerdau (setelah Penghulu Kampong Kerdau yang lama bersara) hingga lah arwah sendiri bersara (berpencen) tahun tahun kemudian nya.

Arwah telah meninggal dunia di rumah arwah di Kampong Desa Murni Kerdau pada malam 13 Julai 2010 dan di semadikan di Tanah Perkuburan Kuala Kerdau.

Seorang warga yang berasal dari Kampong Lipat Kajang, yang agak berjaya juga dalam hidup sungguh pun arwah tidak berpelajaran begitu tinggi.

(My late friend Tik, not his real name but that is the name that I would like to remember him by, and my school mate when we first started schooling at a rural Malay School in the village. His career was not glorious, but for a village boy he made good, by in the end being the Penghulu, Headman, of the next village, a bigger village than ours. A person whom I had the greatest of respect and who was always ‘my friend’) 

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keluarga Bahagia

Terima kaseh kepada Norsyarah Marzuki, yang menyiarkan gambar2 ini dalam Facebook nya .

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Friday, April 16, 2010

arwah Pok De Manap

The photo is a part of some photos sent with the complement of Fauziah Manaf. Thank you Fauziah, we are grateful. Fauziah can be located at

Fondly remembered as (the late) Pok De Manap, and in my time he contributed tremendously to Kampong Lipat Kajang. I do not want to write as if other people in Kampong Lipat Kajang did not contribute to the welfare and the ‘advancement’ of the kampong, its just in my time I feel that (the late) Pok De Manap contributed that a bit extra.

I remember him as a soldier, not sure now what unit he was from but he used to carry a carbine around. Then when he left his unit, he was the drill master for the kampong AP (Auxiliary Police) and HG (Home Guard), not really a Regimental Sergeant Major but was close enough to it. Then he must have moved out somewhere, I lost track of him but I heard that he went to Kuantan to join the Tentera Wataniah – Territorial Army (I cannot confirm this, perhaps others can confirm the vague information that I have). I remember him most when he appeared in the kampong again as the Head of JKKK at Lipat Kajang Darat, where he was very active in getting the Kampong developed. He had many ideas and some were carried out successfully like the RISDA oil palm planting scheme which he led when he was alive, the planting of some ‘forest’ trees in a small plot of land wear ‘ampang simen’, and responsible in getting the people ion the kampong and those living outside to say prayers (tahlil) at the kampong cemetery (kubur) at every Hari Raya Puasa. I must say that the tradition has been there even long ago (long before his direct involvement) but when he was active in the kampong development committee he made the occasion more as a meeting of the ‘old’ and the ‘young’ and those left in the kampong with those ‘who had left the kampong and ‘living ‘ outside’. And that is important if the kampong is not to loose the relationship with those who might have parents (left) in the kampong (or even grandparents then) and who have now chosen top live outside the kampong in pursuit of their career.

There are other aspects of the kampong development which he led, and on this I have a vague idea, but I seem to get the impression that the kampong people are now reaping the profit from implementing his original idea, especially those related to ‘tanah pinggir’. Not sure how much part he played in the scheme but I will not take lightly the impact of the scheme without his original involvement. Others may tell me more though.

It was a loss to the kampong (I feel) when he passed away.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

a Penghulu

Our beloved arwah Tok Penghulu Sidek, the one special character which I shall never forget about him was his laugh, never a loud laugh but just a “Sh..Sh ..Sh… and that separated him from all the people in the Kampong during his time.
A person of exceptional height, by the kampong folk standard, an honest to goodness man who took care of his ‘subject’, those kampong folks who needed his help and assistance. He bent low to meet their demands, and in return the Kampong folks gave him the respects he needed to carry out his duty impartially as the Kampong Penghulu (Head Man). He was available 24 hours a day,7 days a week and 52 weeks a year to ‘serve’, be it rain or shine.
I remember well, during the Emergency, he stood his grounds against the foe (the British called them Communist Terrorists at that time), his house (and family) were guarded (guards with shotguns) 24 hours a day (well almost, though men were only seen in the barbed wired fenced compound of his house in the quiet dark hours of the night) .
He played host very well to the Sultan, the District Officers, and later the Politicians of the highest rank in the State and the Federal levels, without tiring and always smiling.
Like most people, he had his family problems (during the dark hours of the Emergency), but he stood against the problem like a stoic. He stood his grounds very well.
He was the first man in the Kampong (I remember) to be licensed by the then British Government to own a (a 6 shooter) revolver in the Kampong, an great honour then.
There are a lot that I can say about this man, but I will make it short here as I may oversize him.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aki Awang

(Photo curtsy of Hamzah Sulaiman, part taken from his imput in a blog)
I only used to know him as Aki Awang seberang sana (Grandfather Awang across the river), because he used to live just across the broad fast flowing Pahang River, just opposite my grandfather’s house (which is on ‘this’ side of the River), and I grew up in my grandfather’s house as a small boy. And ‘Aki Awang’ was a very good fisherman, he caught big fish from the river and he was also a very good cast net fisherman. And my late uncle used to look up to him, learning from him how to fish and all the other worldly stuff such the ‘magic of life’. And Aki Awang was a knowledgible man, otherwise and spiritual life.

He was also known as Pendekar Awang (Pendekar mean an expert in the Malay art of self defence, the ‘bersilat’). And he opened up many ‘night classes’ in the kampong  where he taught many kampong youths the art, and until today his knowledge may still be practiced by those whom he taught. Why at night? Because that is the time when ‘bersilat’ knowledge was most susceptible to be taught and transferred to those learning (not proven but from what I suspect).

He was also a kampong medicine man. Well, he was, that is all I know. Maybe others from Kampong Lipat Kajang may like to expand on my limited knowledge of Aki Awang ‘medicinal’ prowse.

What did I remember best about him? Old and dignified he was, knowledgible and all that, but he was one of the nicest man that have had I ever met,. He did not speak unkindly or ill to and about anyone, and he always had nice and kind words for and to everyone, even to us small children then.

It was as if yesterday that I remember that I used to bathe in the Pahang River, standing on the wooden board planks of the secured big log platform in the river, that he used to row his dugout canoe boat from down river going home across when he had to pass by us. To warn us that he was coming, he always used to slightly cough and grunt politely, so that we were not caught in any embarrassing situation while bathing. He would then pass us and by about 100 meters up river, would turn his boat 90 degree right to row across the river. He was such a strong man  that the fast flowing river did not push his boat downstream, but instead I observed that he rowed his boat at a perpendicular to the banks and across. When he reached his jetty on the other side, he had to climb the bank of almost 50 to 70 meter high almost perpendicular. Even we as children then when we went across the river to his jetty we used to have vertigo and we panted badly at the top after climbing the steps on that river bank.

The kampong was proud to have such a man within the community. At an old age he went to Mekah for his Haj, and I believe that he died in Mekah.   

Anak2 Kg Lipat Kajang yang ingin memberi maklumat yang lebih terperinci dan tepat sila buat komen.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

They crossed the line

Aziz Yamin
“Don’t go to an English School, you will end up as a Christian”, a very common saying by the kampong Malays in those days. Thus children were discouraged from furthering their studies to an English medium school. But there were parents who wanted to make good for their children who did enrolled their children into English medium school after their children finished their Malay School education.

From Kampong Lipat Kajang, to the best of my knowledge the first person who went to an English medium school was Hussein, not sure how he managed that. I saw his photograph in, him wearing Boys Scout uniform, at his in-laws house when I was a very small. Then these was followed by Mohammad Lazim, Ahmad Mokhtar, and Mahusin (and Rashid?). But they were the children of the sub-headman and the kampong headman, the mukim and the penghulu. And they were not educated in the local kampong school, the Sekolah Melayu Kg Lipat Kajang. The the first pupil who went to an English medium school from Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang was Aziz Yamin. Then followed by Daud Ali, Teh Seman Salleh, Zakaria Sidek and soon everyone wanted to go to an English Medium school in town, in Mentakab. But Sulaiman Osman enrolled into an English Medium School in Bentong, a town about 60 km away from the kampong.

Those days when road communication was almost nil, transport was only by boats on the Pahang River or by train, which was not that efficient nor frequent. So almost all of them had to live in the hostel at the school. And there they learned to mix with people of other races of Malaya then, where in the kampong they did not mix with the Chinese or the Indians (and Sikh), in those town schools they did. They mixed well then.

They learned to wear proper school uniform and to look after themselves, washing their own clothings and to live as a social beings, and to play games like normal civilised people. They all have to learn things which they had no facilites nor opportunities in the kampong.

And they did not become Christians.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Bong" Taib

Kampong Lipat Kajang is full of people, young and old, mostly old, but has it got personalities? Not sure of the present generation but the older generation had unforgettable personalities, real personalities that one does not forget. The like of Abang Akil when he was a young man, during the Emergency, who pinned his AP armband on to the skin of his arm. (Abang Akil is now in Felda somewhere), and of Cik Gu Bedah who swam across the broad Pahang River at Lipat Kajang. To the best of my knowledge no young woman of Lipat Kajang had ever done that before or since. (Cik Gu Bedah is now living in Putrajaya). And one of of the personalities who is still living in Kampong Lipat Kajang is “Bong” Taib. Who in Kampong Lipat Kajanag does not know “Bong” Taib?

“Bong Taib” is one of those very rare breed, a rare personality, a person who not only now lives in the kampong but as a very young man to served as a Special Constable – SC - (to the best of my knowledge) in Bukit Tinggi, near Bentong. I used to visit his family often then (his brothers were all my good friends) looking at his photographs which he used to proudly brought back from his SC stint.

How did he got that “Bong” name? I do not really know but if I remember it he was very active in drama in the kampong with the likes of the late Abang The Sakar, the late Abang Salleh Hj Muhammad, and a few other youths of his age in the late years 50s and early 60s. It was in one of these dramas staged and he was one of the leading actors, at the old (now not there) building of Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang (where the field is now) he acquired the name of “Bong” and until today he is still known as “Bong” Taib.

He is an everlasting personality and no one in the kampong can take that away from him. A very pleasant person, a person who has great respect in the kampong from both the old and the young. Will ever be any such personality in the past or the future be the like of “Bong” Taib in Kg Lipat Kajang.?

Monday, March 15, 2010

The pioneers

Abang Zuki Osman

When we talk about the spirit of being pioneers, we talk about people going out and about into new places seeking for adventure and fortune. Lipat Kajang folks and youths are no different. Many were the first to go out of the kampong to seek fortune and adventure in different part of the country.

Long before this, to the best of my knowledge, the first person who went out to seek for fortune and to work outside the kampong was the late Mat Yamin. He went to Manchis Estate, about 80 km away from the kampong, to work, probably to follow his father’s footstep, the famous the late Pendekar Awang (a famous brave from Kg. Lipat Kajang) who was already there. But they soon came back to the kampong, for reasons only known to themselves.

But the next badge that went out of the Kampong for a long long time, this time to seek fortune and adventure in the big city, that time it was the Municipality of Kuala Lumpur. They dared because there were people before them from the Kampong who dared. The fist person, to the best of my knowledge, from Lipat Kajang, to seek his fortune in Kuala Lumpur was the late Wok Mat Esa Yusoff. He probably had connections through his first wife who had some members of her family already working in Kuala Lumpur; she was not from Kampong Lipat Kajang. He got a job in the then Selangor Education Department which then was based in Kuala Lumpur. And soon others (youths, who had connections with the Late Wok Mat Esa) from the Kampong followed, such the like of Kamaruddin Hassan. Marzuki Osman and the late Abdullah Hj Ahmad. Actually the late Abdullah Hj Ahmad first went to Singapore to seek his fortune but he changed his mind and moved to Kuala Lumpur.

Kamaruddin Hassan managed to get himself into the Selangor Education Department (to the best of my knowledge) since the late Wok Mat Esa was there, probably to help him. He stayed there for a number of years before he joined the Army, and he retired from the Army many years later.

Marzuki Osman was more fortunate in a way. He must have struggled to self educate himself and in the end landed himself as a teacher ( a Guru Besar) in Selangor. He got his education, then a good job, got all his family members educated, and also he made his fortune. He only came back to the kampong after retirement. He is now living in the kampong. He found adventure and he found fortune. He is fortunate.

The late Wok Mat Esa never came back to the kampong, re-married (do not know what has happened to his first wife now) and settled down in Kuala Lumpur where he died a few years ago.

And the late Abdullah Hj Ahmad (fondly known as Taju, his name in the kampong was Tajuddin) managed to get work in some schools and also made his fortune in Kuala Lumpur, where he also died just a few years ago. He was the ‘base ‘ of many of Lipat Kajang youths (and folks) fwo were seek ing adventure and fortune in Kuala Lumpur and those whoever passed along the way somewhere else through Kualla Lumpur. He was more of less the ‘anchor’ (or even the port of call) then of Kampong Lipat Kajang people in Kuala Lumpur. Many Lipat Kajang folks now still has some fond memories of him, and his untiring hospitalities.

Anyone remember Rashid? He was with PDRM for 35 over years, and he has not returned to the kampng, he is in KL. He went after leaving Sekolah Sultan Abu Bakar Mentakab.

Our Lipat Kajang people were no less adventurous then, and to date many of our Kampong Lipat Kajang children have gone out of the kampong, some never to come back while others are in a twilight zone, to come back or not to come back ….its a big question. What can Kampong Lipat Kajang offer?

Kamaruddin & Rashid

Sunday, March 14, 2010

“Sgt Jantan”

Back in my boyhood days in the kampong, anyone wearing uniform always gave me the thrill. Especially if the uniform is from a famous Regiment, such as the Malay Regiment.

One of the first person that I can remember joining the Malay Regiment was one of my second cousion, Abu Jahal (Jahan?). I must confess that before him there were other people who were also in the Malay Regiment (I think) such as Awang Harun (from Chenor but settled down in the kampong) and Md Noor (from Pulau Pasir Mandi?) but Abu Jahal impressed me the most. Maybe he was my second cousion, maybe he was just a few years older than I was or maybe I saw him often and I was also very close to his family, through my grandmother. Or maybe because he married another second cousion whose family lived close to us, at Tanjung Perian (another locality). Whatever it was, Abu Jahal name got imprinted in my memory.

I remember then as a young man he used to be based in Mentakab Camp (close to our kampong, that was what my information, correctly or not) and on some occasion he used to come back to the kampong in full Malay Regiment uniform and even carrying a Government issued regimental rifle (did I remember that correctly?) probably for his personal protection; it was then at the height of the Emergency.

After leaving the Malay Regiment, I did not know where he went to. And regretfully his wife died and happily he remarried.

The next phase in our lives, we met in Kuantan where I was sent to work. I was a working man and he had joined the Territorial Army based in Kuantan. And that was where he got fondly called “Sgt Jantan”.

He has now retired and is often seen in the kampong, though he and his wife live in Temerloh.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Pok" tak tahu.....

Membetulkan rekod.

Saya ingin membetulkan rekod yang tidak resmi tentang tanah di mana Balai Penghulu Lipat Kajang sekarang di dirikan.

Tanah di Cerok Panjang itu asalnya di terokai oleh bapa saya arwah Yusof bin Mat Akib, ("Pok" saya) pada masa yang sama tanah di terokai oleh arwah Tok Penghulu Sidek dan arwah Pak Uda Man Tanjung pada jangkaan saya di akhir 1940an. Saya ingat lagi tentang arwah Datuk saya, Mat Akib bin Derahim menebang pokok ara yang begitu besar di tepi tanah yang berkenaan menggunakan beliung dan berdiri diatas pelantar yang di buat khas to atas akar pokok besar tersebut. Dan kemudian pokok yang ditebang dan mati itu di bakar hingga habis akar umbi nya. Pada masa yang sama arwah Tok Penghulu Sidek dan arwah Pak Uda Man Tanjung jugak menebang di dalam tanah yang di lot kan untuk mereka dan membakar semua pokok2 yang yang ditebang dan mati berkenaan.

Bapa saya dan ibu saya telah membuat rumah di tapak yang berkenaan, sebuah pondok kecil beratapkan daun cucur dan berlantaikan batang pinang yang di belah dan di raut dan berdindingkan kulit kayu. Rumah itu hampir tidak berubah sehingga matinya bapa saya pada tahun 1967. Ibu dan bapa saya telah berusaha menjaga tanak lot mereka itu dengan menanam ubi kayu dan keledek dan beberapa pokok buah buahan (yang saya ingat sekali adalah pokok kundang, langsat dan nangka) dan ibu saya juga menanam pokok bunga2 untuk mencantikan kawasan rumah.

Selepas bercerainya bapa saya dengan ibu saya dalam tahun kira2 akhir 1940an bapa saya telah berkahwin lain setelah membujang untuk beberapa tahun, dalam lengkongan tahun awal 1950an rasanya, dan beliau dan isteri telah menetap dirumah yang sama tersebut. Di rumah itu lah saya berkunjung semasa saya bercuti dari MCKK. Dan di rumah itu lah hidupnya adek2 saya Bahadar pada masa kecilnya dan Samsuddin (dan Din bersekolah di Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang) sehingg matinya bapa saya itu. Dan Saad, kerana beliau selallu aja mengikut "Pok" saya.

Malang nya bapa saya tidak berapa sihat dan telah terpaksa berkunjung ke rumah ibu nya di ‘baruh’ dan kadang kala terpaksa tidur di ‘baruh’. Rumah di Cerok Panjang tu maseh tidak di tinggalka nya.

Walau bagaimana pun pada tahun 1967/68 bapa saya telah meninggal dunia di Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. Pada hari yang sama bapa saya meninggal dunia seorang sepupunya nya (seorang Tok Emapt ?) , saya di beri tahu, telah membuat laporan di pejabat tanah Temerloh (?) dan telah berusaha mengambil balek tanah itu untuk kegunaan kampong. Beliau telah tidak pernah berunding dengan saya atau pun bapa2 saudara saya yang lain yang pada masa itu maseh hidup. Tidak dapat kami berbuat apa2 kerana pada masa itu tanah yang berkenaan belum ada geran tanah di atas nama bapa saya atau sesiapa saudara mara bapa saya. Hilang lah harta kami angkara tindakan saudara sepupu bapa saya itu, arwah Pak Ngah Mat Saman.

Saya menulis cerita ini untuk membetulkan rekod. Bapa saya tidak pernah dengan cara ikhlas atau sendiri melepaskan tanah itu. Tanah itu di paksa dari tangan bapa saya (pada hari bapa saya meninggal dunia)  dan / atau saya adek beradek atau waris yang lain oleh arwah Pak Ngah Mat Saman.

Hanya untuk rekod sahaja.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tok Mukim

(Photo provided by Sdr Jabbar Salleh)

Tok Mukim Salleh, itu lah nama cembongan yang di gemari (dan di panggil) oleh penduduk2 Kampong Mesjid Lipat Kajang. Nama seorang yang cukup tegas tetapi sopan didalam menjalankan tugas beliau sebagai Tok Mukim (nama masa dulu tetapi sekarang mungkin di panggil sebagai Ketua JKKK Kampong Mesjid).

Beliau seorang yang peramah, yang suka bergaul dengan sanak saudara, yang murah hati yang selalu perhatin di atas hal2 anak kampong jagaan beliau terutama sekali dalam hal harta dan hal2 geran tanah. Beliau juga seorang yang 'alim, yang menumpukan penoh perhatian kepada hal2 mesjid, yang terletak berhampiran dengan rumah beliau.

Seorang yang mencintai family beliau, anak2 beliau di beri perhatian penoh tentang pelajaran, dan seorang yang pertama mengalak kan anak2 beliau pergi belajar ke sekolah Inggeris. Mungkin sebelum itu ada orang lain, tidak lah di ketahui dengan jelas.

Di masa Dharurat pada tahun2 48 hingga kira2 60 an, beliau telah berusaha mejaga keselamatan kampong di bawah jagaan beliau. Di masa orang2 kampong berjaga jaga di rumah penghulu pada akhir2 tahun 40 an hingga 50 an, beliau sangat lah mengambil berat tentang kebajikan mereka yang berjaga jaga itu. Malah keselamatan beliau sendiri pun terancam oleh pehak musuh tetapi beliau maseh menjalankan tugas beliau dengan penuh dedikasi dan jujur.

Ini adalah pada ingatan saya saja. Yang maseh teringat ingat di otak saya ia lah beliau ke hulu ke hilir (berseluar pendek bukak betis besar hingga ke bawah lutut) di kampong dengan senapang patah beliau untuk mencari dan menembak tupai.  Alasan nya .... tupai makan buah buahan di kampong terutama sekali buak kelapa.

Seorang yang telah berjasa kepada Kampong Lipat Kajang, dalam kenangan.

(A family loving person who has served Kampong Lipat Kajang as the head of a small area in the kampong, dedicated his life to his duties, looking after the safety and the welfare of the folks under him, looking after the safety of the Penghulu, the kampong headman, during the 1948 - 1960 Emergency period, his own safety was also threatened. This write up is made in his memory)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tarikh meninggal.

Ini satu catitan yang sungguh berharga. Tarikh pergi nya ke rahmatullah Tuan Hj Ahmad Hurairah, seorang Ulamak terkenal (setahu saya di Pahang) dari Kampong Lipat Kajang. Catitan ini di buat oleh seorang ahli keluarga dan di simpan sekarang oleh Sdr Jabar (Taharin) (?). Tarikh nya 23/07/1959?

Semoga roh beliau sentiasa berada di sisi Allah SWT.

(This is a hand written documenet of the day of passing away our most prominent and respected Ulamak from Kampong Lipat Kajang).

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Twilight zone

This photo was taken recently, one afternoon when I decided to visit my good friend Aziz Yatim at his house in Kampong Lipat Kajang. I was just curious to see the big fish pond which his son-in-law has dug up in a 'paya' (padi field) near his house. I was impressed. He had it all planned and trying to make it into a commercial success. I wish them all the best, and may they be successful in their venture.

The photo, because of its lack of lighting, gives me that feeling of what its like in the twilight time at the fish pond. And its seems so peaceful, as the daylight trying to go into the night, with no artificial light at all; that to my mind how it was like in the kampong I used to know. Though I must confess that in those days there was no such artificial fish pond, no such modern facilities and utilities.

(Di masa senja di Kampong Lipat Kajang, pada masa dahulu seumpama ini. Hari sudah hampir gelap, lampu belum di pasang, angin sudah reda dan pemukaan air tidak pun bergelombang.)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


End of 1952, the time I left Kampong Lipat Kajang, not for good but to further my studies and to a career. These are the people I left behind at Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang. These faces are the ones that I have managed to take the photograps of, most are still with us but Sdr (Arwah) Osman has left us a few years ago.

And I shall be happy to add more photographs in this slide if more 1952 SMLK peoples photoes are made available. I shall make efforts to get their photographs, and to my friends please also make the same efforts. And of the girls, please don't be shy to submit your photographs to me to be included in this blog.

(Kawan2 saya pada tahun 1952 ..... hingga sekarang. Yang telah pergi saya ingin menghadiahkan Al-Faatihah. Dan yang tidak ada di dalam gambar ini, sila usahakan untuk mendapat gambar, untuk saya masukkan ke dalam slide di blog ini. Dan yang perempuan, jangan lah malu2 untuk mengirimkan gambar terkini, kami semua merindui anda).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Think about Kampong Lipat Kajang, what come to your mind? Cow dung, yes cow dung, but so much now but just a few years ago they were all over the road. And I have never found out why.

Wooden houses. Of course most houses in the kampong are wooden houses except those built recently, but still far too few not of wooden houses.

Quietness, yes it’s very quiet, you can even hear zinging in your ears if you stop and cut off your car engines.

The sound of wild birds. Of all sorts, you hear them but you hardly see them. I have lived in kampong and I know what those birds are and I might even know what they look like.

Mosquitoes, large ones. Why? Because it’s jungly, because there are a lot of rubber trees. Are they dangerous? I do not know, but all these while they are harmless to me.

Old folks that you know well and they all say hello to you with their smiles and ask how you are. They are friendly folks, they are concerned folks, and they are your relatives. And children who may know you but are too shy to talk to you. They do not look you straight in the face, not that they do not care but they are shy.

The Pahang River, you must not miss that. Its there. It’s where I used to swim and to do all sorts of things.

And there are many things that you can see. Familiar to you, something that you wish that you are once again running around in the kampong with all you friends, couldn’t careless with the world around you, going about with your caterwaul in hands and ‘bullets’, full in your pockets.

Many going about on bicycles then (or even walking, women balancing things on their heads) instead of motoring about or going about by cars like now.

And before you leave don’t forget to visit the graveyard where all your relatives are buried. Give them some doa and prayers; you never know someday your children will do the same for you.

Yes, I can list down all things about Kampong Lipat Kajang, but if I start doing that I may even have tears running down my cheek ……..

I have lived


This is how I remember Kampong Lipat Kajang. The ‘serambi of my grandfather’s house at Durian Sangka (about 500 m upriver from the village mesjid), facing the Sungei Pahang, about 100 meters there on. The old rusty zinc roof, the climbing steps to the ‘serambi’ door and the ‘tempayan’ at the bottom of those climbing steps. The leaning mango leaves on to the roof. It was as if yesterday that I climbed up those steps on my little feet, into the house where my grandfather sat on his rattan chair, and my grandmother cooking in the kitchen. Well its all gone now, just memories.

Beautiful Lipat Kajang

And I loved to be at my father’s house at Cerok Panjang, (about 2 km west of my grandfather’s house) in his small hut of thatched roofs, tree bark walls, pieces of ‘pinang’ (a sort of tall thin stemed palm tree) floor, and we all sleeping on mats on the floor, my brother and I and my father, my mother being separated from my father. And later we were joined by my stepmother and my two other new siblings, a boy and a girl. And looking across from my father’s house side (we used to have a cool clear spring water well on our side of the padi field where we used to take drinking water from and to also wash ourselves with) we saw the house across, over the padi field, my uncle’s house. It might have not been like the photo, which was taken very recently, but its was just about that. A beautiful scenery and a pleasant memories.

And behind my father’s house was the Malay School which we all went to.

Of my Kampong Lipat Kajang.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is a subject I hate to write about my kampong. We never used to have toilets, as far as I can remember. We did our 'business' behind bushes, behind anthills and on the big/wide and fast flowing Pahang River which runs through our village, on a sort of log based jetty/platform.

I would be telling lie if I say that we did not totally have toilets, because, may be, just maybe, one or two houses had some sort of very crude form of laterine. And of course the Malay School, which is the only school in the kampong had laterine.

And when the night is dark and one did not fancy going out into the dark lightless night, one used to have a board taken off from the wooden floor and did the 'business' through the that hole on the floor board, and what dropped to the ground will be consumed by 'dogs' ( say). And I will not mention that any further.

But now, the kampong folks are more up todate in their hygiene and I suppose everyone now has some sort of toilets of laterine. (And they now have electricity, running water (piped), and hard wired telephone lines).

Monday, February 15, 2010


I believe that everyone should write his/her biography. It helps to reflect on ones achievements and failures, it helps to see where one has been and to look ahead (if you have the time) to where one wants to be. No regrets but just nostalgic.

I have always wondered what my parents were like, what life they have had/led, and what were in their minds, what they thought about. Unfortunately my parents were illiterate, thus no record is left behind of their lives. What I have are just memories of them, sweet memories and bitter memories.

I have written my life story, and I have published it. Though its only for my own use, and/or maybe my generations of the future may want to know about me then I have the record. Or just that they may not want to know at all, well its really up to them. But I have my biography written,. I have not published many copies, and I have published that outside Malaysia because in Malaysia publishers will want a minimum number of copies published.

I believe that blog like this is also part of one’s biography.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lipat Kajang Family Tree.

I have tried to do a family tree of the people in Kampong Lipat Kajang people, those I know, especially the older generation. I am totally blind of the younger generation.

I use Genius Family Tree software which I uploaded and paid the licence for. That was some years ago, and I do not know if there is the latest update of the software or even if the Co. still exists. It was an Australian software.

I started off with just using my own memory, and later I got a family tree made by our own CikGu Jamalluddin Soa, and later I added that from a family tree given to me by Sdr Teh Seman Salleh. And Sdr Baharom Salleh also made his own family tree which I incorporated into my own family tree, Thus I have almost a complete family tree of those people of Kampong Lipat Kajang. But I must confess the picture I have made is not complete. There is a lot of room for improvement.

I cannot share that family tree in this blog, but I have given some information to Sdr Hamzah Sulaiman whom I trust has made a family tree of his own, and hoping that he will share his version with me so that I may just fill in all my blanks.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daging kerbau.

Di Kampong Lipat Kajang ‘gulai kerbau’ telah di minati oleh penduduk2 kampong sejak turun temurun. Sehingga hanya beberapa tahun ini, apabila di sebut ‘gulai’ di Kampong Lipat Kajang ia mesti bermakna kerbau (atau ayam atau itek), tapi tidak termasuk lembu atau sapi. Dan setakat beberapa tahun ini Kampong Lipat Kajang hanya ada kerbau berkeliaran di padang dan bukan lembu (jantan dan betina). Sejak dulu lagi orang2 Kampong Lipat Kajang masyhur dengan kerbau mereka, orang dari luar datang ke Kampong Lipat Kajang hanya untuk membeli kerbau, dan orang Kampong Lipat Kajang berniaga kerbau sejauh Kelang di Selangor.

Kalau di Kampong Lipat Kajang, sebut sahaja daging, ia mesti bermakna daging kerbau. Di masa kenduri kendara mereka menyembelih kerbau sebagai syarat perayaan kenduri itu, satu ekor atau dua ekor dan kadang kala hingga tiga atau empat ekor. Dan untuk aqiqah dan korban pun mereka menggunakan kerbau.

Tapi sejak beberapa tahun ini, banyak penduduk Kampong Lipat Kajang yang memelihara lembu, sungguh pun kerbau maseh menjadi minat utama untuk di sembeleh.

Daging kerbau lebih sedap dari daging lembu (ini pendapat peribadi), dan orang yang kurang atau tidak biasa memakan daging kerbau akan merasa tidak ada beza nya dengan daging2 lain. Tapi ada jugak apabila di beri tahu bahawa daging yang di jamu itu adalah daging kerbau, yang tidak biasa akan merasa meloya. Seorang kawan anak saya dari Kuala Lumpur apabila memakan gulai daging kerbau yang pada mulai nya tidak tahu dan apabila di beri tahu ia berasa ‘hendak muntah’. Kata nya “Tak kan daging kerbau boleh di makan, kulit kerbau macam kulit gajah”.

Zaman dah berlalu.

Di satu ketika dulu, zaman dah berlalu, Kampong Lipat Kajang selalu saja di kunjungi oleh Almarhum Tun Abd Razk, Menteri, kemudian Timbalan Perdana Menteri, tapi saya tak tahu sekira nya beliau melawat Kampong Lipat Kajang sebagai seorang Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Yang saya ingat, bapa saudara saya, arwah Derus, adalah orang kuat UMNO pada masa itu dan kawan2 beliau termasuklah Menteri Besar Pahang, Tan Sri (pada masa itu Dato’) Yahya Seth. Arwah bapa saudara saya itu dengan Almarhum sangat rapat dalam politik mereka. Ada pada satu masa saya terjumpa Dato’ (pada masa itu) Abd Razak di serambi rumah (yang tidak lah begitu sempurna, buatan dari kayu tidak ada kipas dan beratap zin tanpa siling) bapa saudara saya itu, bercerita cerita sambil menunggu isteri bapa saudara saya itu memasak lemak gulai ayam (yang baru di sembeleh) di dapur untuk makan tengah hari hari itu. Sungguh aneh, dan tak boleh di sangka.

Ada satu kekita apabila Almarhum telah menjadi Timb. Perdana Menteri, beliau sampai di Kampong Lipat Kajang (saya di beri tahu). Pada masa itu arwah bapa saudara saya itu sedang ‘membuat paya’, dan telah di panggil oleh Almarhum untuk mengadap. Arwah bapa saudara saya itu tergesa gesa datang, sambil maseh memakai seluar basah ‘paya’ beliau, maklum saja lah setelah mendapat panggilan mengadap denga cara terkejut dari seorang pembesar Malaysia.

Zaman telah berlalu, sekarang siapa kah gerangan nya Menteri Malaysia yang ingin datang melawat Kampong Lipat Kajang. Mungkin ada, tapi jarang2.

Lubuk Mendi

Cerita ini adalah dari cerita seorang orang Lipat Kajang, yang terdapat di 'remark' blog asal Lipat Kajang, Pahang.

Wow what a good place to share my experience :
the year may be 1968 ( not so shure ): late one afternoon me,Majid Awang and Hamzah Sidek went for a ride in a perahu , we paddled upstream to this Lubuk Mendi, I was with a guitar. Upon reaching there we alighted and sitting on the rocks that were jutting to the middle of the river, I was the one who played the guitar the most, after about 1 hour or so we were on our way back to our homes. Before maghrib while in my room I was kind of being attacked by something inside me, especially in my guts, then I began to violently kicking the wall, all these while I was conscious. Then my sister Weh Seripah and the others came asking what had happened. I related the trip to Batu Mendi. Then they told me I had it. Later that nite they called our pawang - Abang Tan Razak to cure me. Then only I was OK. The 2 other brothers did experience sort of disturbances but rather minimal. So I was warned not to be suka suka while on that place.
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Ever thought that living in Kampong Lipat Kajang is lucrative or even contented? In those days it was, everyone had padi field, everyone had rubber plantation plot, almost everyone had buffaloes, everyone rear chicken or ducks, many just go fishing in the Pahang River and was able to catch large fish, or even cast net, or whatever means, to catch fresh water fish in their padi fields, vegetable and greens were everywhere, all the young leaves, well mostly, are vegetables. So everyone was contented.

Then the Japanese came, and beat the British, everyone ran into the jungle. Only for a short time and then they came out to lead their normal kampong life. Then the British came back, and life became more difficult because of the Communist thread (so called, and the British called them bandits). The kampong folks were then more fearful to go into the jungle to hunt or in search of jungle products. They feared going out at night in case they got shot at (by the bandits?). They abandoned some of their padi fields because these were now remote. Their fear was not without foundation, because for 40 days before the British took control (after the Japanese left), the ‘Tiga Bintang’ was ‘in power’, and one of the kampong folks was ‘killed’. And at night ( a few months after that) all the males population of the kampong were made to guard the ‘penghulu’s (the kampong headman) house to prevent the penghulu from being taken away by the ‘Communists’. Normal life was disrupted, but yet the kampong life survived.

And the so called Emergency ended and life was never normal again. Pahang River was polluted, (probably logging activities upriver has drastically increased) fish in the river have dwindled away, padi fields are abandoned, and fish in the padi fields are no more breeding, the number of buffaloes in the field have been reduced drastically because not many were then interested in rearing buffaloes (and probably not much more buffaloes grazing grounds are available due to more people fencing up their pieces of land), overall a new way of life had emerged. Children have left the kampong to work out of the kampong, the District and the State, or are sent to town to be educated. And they never came back to settle in the village. Thus the population has also decreased with only the senior (aged) people left behind to manage the kampong.

But there are still people in the kampong who were forward looking and who had the leadership quality. They developed the kampong in a more modern ways. The opened up new (and old unused) land, on a cooperative basis, they planted palm oil and rubber trees. They managed those, with the future generations of the kampong people in their mind. The result? Many of these forward looking ‘leaders’ are now gone but the people in the ‘cooperatives’ are now benefiting from those schemes which the ‘leaders’ had implemented. Many of the kampong people are now living an easier life, getting ‘pension’ from the bonuses and profits made by the sales of rubber and palm oil products the trees/plants of which they had planted together some 10 or so years ago. An average Lipat Kajang person who joined the cooperatives now collects RM1000 / month, which is a big sum when you live in such a rural society. From such sum, some have been to Mekah (maybe many times) and some have built big houses. And many have managed to send their children for further education.

An average Kampong Lipat Kajang person now is again living a contented life.