Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Alumni ...

26th Feb. 2011 was a historic day for Sekolah Kebangsaan (National School) Lipat Kajang, the primary school which once upon a time was known as Sekolah Melayu (Malay School) Lipat Kajang.  Whatever its called or was called, it serves the same purpose, to give the young children of 6 years old to 12 years old some education, an introduction to formal education Malaysian style.

I went to that school when it was opened in late 1940s and I left it in 1952 to go to a secondary school out of town. And I came back, with many of my colleague of almost the same time for that alumni gathering on 26 Feb. 2011. For all of us I believe it was a historical day, a day when we remembered the old days when we first gathered in that school just to get educated. And we left to roam the world ‘educated’ and ‘street wise’.

What we did at the gathering on the 26th Feb. 2011 was immaterial but the fact that there were more than a hundred attended was considered a success, males and females, from all over the country.  It was one of the most difficult task for the organisers to gather such a vast and diverse crowd whose common interest was SKLK (or SMLK in the old days). To the organisers we convey our appreciation, not only to get a suitable date, a suitable venue and to ensure that there was enough food and drinks to go around.  And the most difficult part was to keep the crowd interested. And this the organisers did very well.

And to those alumni who did not turn up, you have missed something that happens only on rare occasions.

Thank you again to all, former pupils, former teachers, present pupils, present teachers, and the kampong folks who gave their time and energy to ensue the success of the event. And not forgetting those who donated money and material.

And to those alumni who has already left us, we give our doa to them, and may Allah SWT keep them among those who are blessed.

Anak2 Kg Lipat Kajang yang ingin memberi maklumat yang lebih terperinci dan tepat sila buat komen.

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