Thursday, March 3, 2011

When a by-election came to Lipat Kajang.

Every body was sad when their State Council representative passed away,  but that sadness did not last very long, as they say the soil at the graveyard has not yet turned dried when the Government announced that a by-election was to take place to replace that representative. And a by-election always means 'wealth' and 'development' to the kampong. Sickening really but that is the reality of life, an opportunity to make the society wealthy shall not be bypassed.

So the political parties chose their candidates and the campaigning began. And that party where and who has unlimited wealth started to promise the earth to win the election. The earth they did promised and every VVIP came flying into the village bringing along with them the 'earth'. Another sickening happenings. And the people had high expectations, hungry for 'wealth' and hungry for 'development. Like wolves they came in pack to and for  the VVIP. Its a festive time while it lasted, sickening and almost not even remembering the one who had just passed away.

In a by-election there is always two sides contesting, but the other candidate being poorer and not having the support of the Government of the day just only needed to look on forlorn, trying his best not to 'bribe' his voters. And dirty tactics are employed where each can, morality and dignity and ethic mostly thrown to the dogs.

The write up was done a few days prior to the voting day.

Anak2 Kg Lipat Kajang yang ingin memberi maklumat yang lebih terperinci dan tepat sila buat komen.

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