Sunday, November 14, 2010

In memory of Hj Mohammad Lazim Hj Salleh (Hj Mohammad Lazim Hj Salleh dalam kenangan).

Have always remembered his mother calling him Mamat, and his Siblings calling him Mat, and us calling him Abang ….. that was the name that we could master when he was alive. He was an Abang ….. a Big Brother.

One of the first from the kampong to go to an English School in Mentakab, a town about 15 km away,  and at that time our kampong still had no school, he was the product of the primary school of the next village, where he had his earlier primary education. A person with fair complexion, and when he went to the English school, he could talk with a twang which suspiciously sounded like the orang puteh (the white man).

Finishing his education he landed into many jobs, and the last one which I remembered was in the Signal Regiment based in the Ministry of Defence Malaysia (?), in Kuala Lumpur. This I remember well, he picked me up when I was very ill at a friends house in Kampong Baru, KL, and made me stay at his house, looking after me like a brother until I got well. He was then staying at a very small house in Kg. Datuk Keramat, KL. I was then about to go for my further studies. He, and his family, accompanied me to the airport and sent me off, along with my uncles, my younger brother and other friends from my kampong.

A person with high integrity, married off to a relative into a kampong downriver (from my kampong) where his mother originated from; it was an arranged marriage. And with his wife he raised a big family, gave them proper education for them to lead reasonably good life.

He passed away a few weeks ago.

Will be greatly missed, and for me he was a mentor.

Anak2 Kg Lipat Kajang yang ingin memberi maklumat yang lebih terperinci dan tepat sila buat komen.

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