Saturday, February 20, 2010

Twilight zone

This photo was taken recently, one afternoon when I decided to visit my good friend Aziz Yatim at his house in Kampong Lipat Kajang. I was just curious to see the big fish pond which his son-in-law has dug up in a 'paya' (padi field) near his house. I was impressed. He had it all planned and trying to make it into a commercial success. I wish them all the best, and may they be successful in their venture.

The photo, because of its lack of lighting, gives me that feeling of what its like in the twilight time at the fish pond. And its seems so peaceful, as the daylight trying to go into the night, with no artificial light at all; that to my mind how it was like in the kampong I used to know. Though I must confess that in those days there was no such artificial fish pond, no such modern facilities and utilities.

(Di masa senja di Kampong Lipat Kajang, pada masa dahulu seumpama ini. Hari sudah hampir gelap, lampu belum di pasang, angin sudah reda dan pemukaan air tidak pun bergelombang.)

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