Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Think about Kampong Lipat Kajang, what come to your mind? Cow dung, yes cow dung, but so much now but just a few years ago they were all over the road. And I have never found out why.

Wooden houses. Of course most houses in the kampong are wooden houses except those built recently, but still far too few not of wooden houses.

Quietness, yes it’s very quiet, you can even hear zinging in your ears if you stop and cut off your car engines.

The sound of wild birds. Of all sorts, you hear them but you hardly see them. I have lived in kampong and I know what those birds are and I might even know what they look like.

Mosquitoes, large ones. Why? Because it’s jungly, because there are a lot of rubber trees. Are they dangerous? I do not know, but all these while they are harmless to me.

Old folks that you know well and they all say hello to you with their smiles and ask how you are. They are friendly folks, they are concerned folks, and they are your relatives. And children who may know you but are too shy to talk to you. They do not look you straight in the face, not that they do not care but they are shy.

The Pahang River, you must not miss that. Its there. It’s where I used to swim and to do all sorts of things.

And there are many things that you can see. Familiar to you, something that you wish that you are once again running around in the kampong with all you friends, couldn’t careless with the world around you, going about with your caterwaul in hands and ‘bullets’, full in your pockets.

Many going about on bicycles then (or even walking, women balancing things on their heads) instead of motoring about or going about by cars like now.

And before you leave don’t forget to visit the graveyard where all your relatives are buried. Give them some doa and prayers; you never know someday your children will do the same for you.

Yes, I can list down all things about Kampong Lipat Kajang, but if I start doing that I may even have tears running down my cheek ……..

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