Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lipat Kajang Family Tree.

I have tried to do a family tree of the people in Kampong Lipat Kajang people, those I know, especially the older generation. I am totally blind of the younger generation.

I use Genius Family Tree software which I uploaded and paid the licence for. That was some years ago, and I do not know if there is the latest update of the software or even if the Co. still exists. It was an Australian software.

I started off with just using my own memory, and later I got a family tree made by our own CikGu Jamalluddin Soa, and later I added that from a family tree given to me by Sdr Teh Seman Salleh. And Sdr Baharom Salleh also made his own family tree which I incorporated into my own family tree, Thus I have almost a complete family tree of those people of Kampong Lipat Kajang. But I must confess the picture I have made is not complete. There is a lot of room for improvement.

I cannot share that family tree in this blog, but I have given some information to Sdr Hamzah Sulaiman whom I trust has made a family tree of his own, and hoping that he will share his version with me so that I may just fill in all my blanks.

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