Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lubuk Mendi

Cerita ini adalah dari cerita seorang orang Lipat Kajang, yang terdapat di 'remark' blog asal Lipat Kajang, Pahang.

Wow what a good place to share my experience :
the year may be 1968 ( not so shure ): late one afternoon me,Majid Awang and Hamzah Sidek went for a ride in a perahu , we paddled upstream to this Lubuk Mendi, I was with a guitar. Upon reaching there we alighted and sitting on the rocks that were jutting to the middle of the river, I was the one who played the guitar the most, after about 1 hour or so we were on our way back to our homes. Before maghrib while in my room I was kind of being attacked by something inside me, especially in my guts, then I began to violently kicking the wall, all these while I was conscious. Then my sister Weh Seripah and the others came asking what had happened. I related the trip to Batu Mendi. Then they told me I had it. Later that nite they called our pawang - Abang Tan Razak to cure me. Then only I was OK. The 2 other brothers did experience sort of disturbances but rather minimal. So I was warned not to be suka suka while on that place.
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