Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is a subject I hate to write about my kampong. We never used to have toilets, as far as I can remember. We did our 'business' behind bushes, behind anthills and on the big/wide and fast flowing Pahang River which runs through our village, on a sort of log based jetty/platform.

I would be telling lie if I say that we did not totally have toilets, because, may be, just maybe, one or two houses had some sort of very crude form of laterine. And of course the Malay School, which is the only school in the kampong had laterine.

And when the night is dark and one did not fancy going out into the dark lightless night, one used to have a board taken off from the wooden floor and did the 'business' through the that hole on the floor board, and what dropped to the ground will be consumed by 'dogs' ( say). And I will not mention that any further.

But now, the kampong folks are more up todate in their hygiene and I suppose everyone now has some sort of toilets of laterine. (And they now have electricity, running water (piped), and hard wired telephone lines).

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